Blue Street Walls came about sometime in 2018 as the collaboration between myself (Will James) & Lauren Bacon. We sat down at a local bar where Lauren was working and played through a few songs. We had very different styles and it was not one of those moments where either one of thought “Wow! This is going to be great!”. But as we continued playing, we started writing our own material. The close harmonies and songwriting continued to develop and it was only after a few months that both of us realized there was something very special happening. We played a few shows throughout the year and decided to record an album. We went to PonderRosa Studios in Lafayette, New Jersey this October and laid down the songs. I can’t even begin to state how proud I am of the result. We are currently mixing the album and will be releasing the album officially on January 1, 2019. Stay tuned to our page for news and more music! Special thanks to everyone who has been a part of this project, Lauren Bacon, Andy Sheldon, Michael Hornbuckle, Billy Mutchler, Karl Dietel, Tom Askin, Joe Webster, Jamey Bartley, Jock Bartley, Mark Andes, Tyler Duffus, Al Laughlin, and Sean Kelly.